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Re: [Computerbank] A Linux Question

> Since when is this list a place to get free help for a job you are paid
for? (snip)

Thanks Adam,

In which case, please accept my apologies and please everyone, disregard my
prior posting - I have obviously  misunderstood the ethos of the Linux
community on this list.

Perhaps by way of some justification, I am on the Management Committee for
our local Telecentre (as a volunteer) and am also the technical adviser for
our local Youth Cafe (also as a volunteer) - The later hopefully a recipient
of CB assistance. We are a fairly small and close community, so I am trying
to look beyond 'just' installing Linux in the Youth Cafe - Obviously if we
can get local industry support and acceptance this will go a long way
towards providing local Linux expertise, and perhaps more importantly, offer
a potential career path for the youth who will use (and learn from using)
the Linux systems provided by ComputerBank.

It's a long-term strategy, but yes... it does involve upskilling our
industry as well as providing 'grass-root' Linux services to our community,
and I will be looking to the broader Linux community for help with this -
(though obviously I should use other forums - again, please accept my
apologies... however it wasn't that long ago that a person could post a
question to any Linux-based list and quite rightly expect to receive some
help... I guess the times are changing).

Regards, Don Cameron

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