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[Computerbank] BUILDFEST!!!!!!

testing, building, installing...what could be more fun???

its going to be a rainy looking weekend - so why not spend it at shaun 
and romana's place (aka the computershed)?

nows your chance to participate in computerbank australia - sa branch
get your hands dirty -NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!!!!! we'll happily teach:)

please respond if you are able to attend - address supplied:)

is a byo funfest too - everyone bring something to share:)

a chance to get to know your fellow volunteers, and give you a chance to 
feel that warm inner glow of helping others.....

volunteer forms need to be filled in, to supply that lovely 
insurance....available at our site:

hope to hear from you soon!!!!

icq no:393293

Computerbank Australia -  SA branch coordinator

"Between the idea and the reality,
Between the motion and the act,
Falls the Shadow..."
(TS Eliot)

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