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Re: [Computerbank] Linux for Kids

On Wed, 21 Nov 2001, romana wrote:
> I suspect that there is potential here for more than a links page....
> Shaun and I have collected many links for Linux help ( 
> http://www.linunix.com/linux/index.html , havent touched for a few mths, 
> but the basics are there)
> Now, we were discussing this morning using this stuff to create a help 
> site for each system we give out with modems...you know, a CB guide to 
> the useful linux stuff online..
> could be as simple as a section off the cbaus site, or as elaborate as 
> loading onto recip's computers....
> Anyway, I hate reinventing the wheel, so....

We need to centralise information, and make it cleanly and clearly
accessable. Even if it means mirroring a links or information page or
whatever, between the CBAUS main site and the CBSA site.

You have to have ballance between listing too many links on a CBAUS site
and depending on other sites listing all the links (which are linked to
from CBAUS). External sites may become unavailable, unmaintained or out of
date. On the other hand spending too much time maintaining and checking
links on the CBAUS site can be come a burden. This kind of thing can be
automated or handled nicely in PHP or Perl. The CBAUS pages could be a
bookmark of links to the better know sites which are leads to others.

Otherwise, it is just a case of me continuing to use my own bookmarks and
noone else will benefit from them.

Or you could just say: search for "kids linux" on Google, but I don't
think that offers any value. How do new recipients know about google? It
would be listed in a "Kickstart to the internet" page along with things
like ibiblio, linux document project and computer glossary pages. The best
subset of these would also be listed in training material.

Would we include the training material online for easy access? "I lost my
training papers" -> "You can view it on this site and print it out...".


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