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[Computerbank] 225 Queensberry St, Carlton

Good morning everyone!

Who's been to see the set up at 225? West of Bouverie St, before Swanston
St. If you're interstate, let your Melbourne mates and rellies know. Sam's
our sort of people!

He's a LUV member and will be at the Melb. Uni. Installfest this weekend.
Very interested in Computerbank, he's on here by now probably.

Sam's okayed me sending you this email (below) -- which I got from Eric --
to all you guys and everyone else I know. You can also send it on.

Kill more than two birds with one stone.


---< Sam's email that kicked off this phenomenon >---

For those who don't know, I'm now living in a shop at 225 Queensberry
Street Carlton.  We are setting up a cooperative internet cafe, using
mainly old hardware and free software.  You can leave your wallet at
home, because the cost is $0.0 per hour.  There are heaps of
and it's already open to the public (when I am home!).

Most of the computers are going up to the second level the evening,
there is more power, and less temptation to break windows!  I was a
scared to go to sleep last night.  Come to think of it, the clubbers
that go to "dream" next door are giving me good security, no one is
going to break a window before so many people.  Although I can hear
music, it's not disturbing - I slept better than I have for ages.

In the carpeted back room on the ground floor, we will have a piano
need!) and other instruments, and a music recording studio (thanks
Bard), with bean-bags and couches for listening and snoozing.

There will be at least one terminal in each room, of course. :)

In the front part of the ground floor, where the machines are now, I
to have an Aikido dojo.  Aikido is a wonderful Japanese martial art,
somewhat like Jujutsu.  Aikido is called "the art of peace", in
to Budo "the art of war" - an Aikido master is able to control an
aggressor, without using great strength and without injuring that
person.  We have one saying "katsu jin ken" meaning "save the enemy".
Another saying "masakatsu agatsu katsu hayabi" means "true victory,
self-victory, victory at the speed of sunlight".

The dojo and studio, unlike the Internet, will not be running 24/7.
We can do other stuff in the same space.  For example, the dojo might
double as a gym.  If we can work out an easy way to move the
there can be dancing through the whole place on Friday & Saturday
- not just techno, either! there will be folk dancing (I can't call
bush dancing!), and we'll groove to Bartok and Paganini if I get my

If anyone's desperate to hack while a dance is on, well, they can use
the dunny terminal.  "flushd" takes on a whole new meaning...  8*]

We're looking for more help.  If you might like to help, please come
visit the place (email me first).  Of course, you are welcome to
and use the services without payment whether or not you contribute.

we need:
        - people to come and
                - help set up machines
                - clean, renovate, decorate
                - mind shop:
                        - you can meet happy people
                        - you get free Internet access
                        -       you don't get paid
                                - unless you're provably broke
                                - and long-term unemployed
        - stuff:
                - more hardware / software
                - furniture
                        - tables/desks/benches
                        - stools/chairs/couches/beanbags
                - paintings or prints for making it pretty
                - carpet, rugs, curtains to make it cosy
                - soundproofing for the music studio
                - hardware for the music studio
                - kamiza, tatami, bokken, bo, shinai for Aikido dojo
        - other suggestions for
                - what to do in the space
                - services we can provide

I also need a shower, washing machine, dryer, stove and fridge.  I'll
buy, but I'd appreciate any help or advice where to get cheaply.


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