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[Computerbank] helping people in business who will help us

Good morning everyone!

Philosophical attitudes can perforate your feet if you aren't careful but
commercial pragmatism can also harm a cause.

Staying unemployed and ragged by choice is only for some.

People in endeavours making big brass for them can still love Linux and
Computerbank, these things aren't incompatible.

There are also those who only want to get *any* sort of computer to every
disadvantaged person possible, by whatever way turns out to be quickest.

We have a contact in Bendigo whose first priority has to be to support his
young family through his e-business http://www.ozemap.com.au/ -- I hope
everyone can understand that? But, once he's established his income stream,
he's keen to help.

Perhaps you can refer his site to someone? Perhaps being employed or in
business doesn't stink? I'd like us to think so.

Linux and business aren't incompatible are they?

Regards, Bruce

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