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Re: [Computerbank] more standardised install discussion needed ASAP


while I understand what you are sayying, you are forgetting the need to 
develop training documentation, technical documentation, and training 
programmes. These tie heavily into what we are installing. Without a 
relatively standardised install, we are looking at a ridiculous mountain 
of paperwork, and major training difficulties.

Romana's two cents wrth;)

Craige McWhirter wrote:

> s/standards/frameworks/
> Not wanting to get into a debate over KDE/GNOME, BSD/Linux we should be
> looking more at frameworks than locking ourselves into rigid standards.
> Personally, on some of the hardware I've seen going around I would
> recommend neither GNOME nor KDE (as a point in case). Sure you will have
> GNOME / KDE installed but in low end hardware you shouldn't log into a
> GNOME / KDE session. Other solutions for desktop environments present
> themselves as being more suitable with the facility to run GNOME / KDE
> apps, as required.
> We also need to cater for regional strengths. If CBNSW finds itself full
> of Debian skills, and little/no BSD then they would be silly to use BSD.
> Converseley if CBSA has most of it's strengths in BSD then it would make
> sense for them to cater to those strengths and run with BSD.
> This is before we even get into the technical merits of the sampled
> discussions (BSD/Linux, KDE/GNOME) we also have realise that is a matter
> of horses for courses. An "institional" roll out would probalby be more
> suited to KDE while individual or less structured installations may be
> suited to GNOME due to the better suite of application available for
> Perhaps before a debate begins on "what is best" we work out what we
> want. We should break up our machines into classes, such as low end
> workstation, high end workstation, network device, file server et al and
> then determine what the requirements of those devices are. We can then
> pick the tool(s) for the role based upon the criteria of what we need.

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