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Re: [Computerbank] more standardised install discussion needed ASAP

On 27 Nov 2001, Craige McWhirter wrote:
> Yes, this is a technical given. The reason for choosing an application
> framework like KDE or GNOME on an exclusive basis has nothing to do with
> what can technically be done but what a non-technical user will grok and
> find productive. 

The differences are minimal. A KDE theme will apply to the WM managing a
GTK/Gnome application for example with minimal 'confusion' for the average
user. It is about as confusing as seeing WinAMP skins under Windows or
XMMS skins under Linux/BSD (Windows manager/environment of your

AbiWord and Gnumenric fit in quite happily with a KDE desktop and so on.
The menus look slightly different.


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