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Re: [Computerbank] more standardised install discussion needed ASAP

On Tue, 2001-11-27 at 21:46, Dale Long wrote:

> You can run GTK and Gnome applications quite happily under KDE and vis
> versa. The choice of applications do not limit the choice of desktop
> environment. The only issue is a that a few more libraries may be
> installed and running.

Yes, this is a technical given. The reason for choosing an application
framework like KDE or GNOME on an exclusive basis has nothing to do with
what can technically be done but what a non-technical user will grok and
find productive. 

It may be trivial for us but a user will have issues with say, changing
their KDE theme and later finding that Evolution has not taken the
theme. This causes productivity loss and frustration for the user and
creates a support headache for us. Picking a suitable environment and
sticking to "native" apps as much as possible is really quite important.

Non-technical users quite rightly expect "computer things" to just work
and even minor unexpected events can cause them terrible confusion and
interruption. This is why mixing and matching GNOME/KDE is not a viable



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