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[Computerbank] S.A. volunteers to be protected from legal action

Good news for South Australia. Do any other states have something similar
to this? Bruce


Volunteers to be protected from legal action

Up to 400,000 volunteers in South Australia have been given protection from
legal action under legislation the state government believes is a world first.

The SA parliament has passed a bill to prevent volunteers from being sued
in relation to the work they perform.

The new laws will cover volunteers across all sectors, including sport and
aged care.

"This will affect the thousands of South Australians, like mum and dad
sports coaches, who volunteer their time," said Iain Evans, the minister
for environment and heritage, recreation, sport and racing and minister
responsible for volunteers.

"Volunteers across all sectors told us there was an underlying fear of
being sued while volunteering."

The new law offers protection for volunteers undertaking authorised
activities on behalf of an incorporated association.

It does not provide protection for conduct that is illegal or protect a
volunteer under the influence of drugs.

Mr Evans said removing the risk of individuals being sued should help some
organisations secure volunteers.

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