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[Computerbank] reciprocal help..

Hello all,

Can we expand this list's landscape a bit, get a few of the recipients of
our computers who are on here piping up with a word or two? Just say
whatever you want to guys.

Perhaps you could kill two or three birds with the same stone though.

Volunteer to help by doing something you can do. Think of what you can do
that might be helpful, not all the help needed is only to do with
computers, there's transport and packing and telephoning and.. 

So say, "I can do (whatever) would that help?"

And while you're doing whatever you work out suits you and Computerbank you
could get a couple of the answers to questions you have about your
computer. Swapping help for help.

Seems fair enough?

Haven't yet got your computer? Don't worry, you can still offer to help.  :)


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