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[Computerbank] Computerbank - Victoria - Xmas End of Year Bash!/ Garage Sale ?

Hi all ye Victorians,

Wow, it is that time of year - so Computerbank-Vic, in all it's wonder and glory 
- will be putting on a BBQ extravaganza in the Flagstaff Gardens (City) on 
Saturday December 15th commencing at 2pm. 

We've tried to make it easy to find - so we are having it at the same place as 
last time! Near the BBQs, behind the tennis courts. 

We will: Try to ensure it will be a sunny day ;), provide salad and sausages and 
vegie burgers, cakes and drinks of the non-alcholic kind. 

Bring: Yourself, something to sit on, alcohol if you want to drink it, some 
sunscreen, balls, yummy chocolate for me ;), um what else...anything you like.

Do: Reply and let me know if you are going to come or not. :)

Okay - Now another thought - has been that we hold a Garage sale on the morning 
of the Xmas bash - if we do this we need to organise it pronto - I'll need 
volunteers to help out beforehand, during and afterwards, if you are interested 
please let me know. 

If we were to hold the garage sale - I'd be aiming for an 10/11am start - with 
finish at 1.30pm. I'd also want to put a list of items for sale - so we can put 
it in any advertising we do about the event. (send ideas!)

I'll report back re the garage sale - but the Xmas bash is a definate. RSVP to 
me so we can cater for you.

Cheers all,

Kylie :)

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