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Re: [Computerbank] standardised installs

Kylie Davies wrote:

> Hi Guys, (and yet again - another long post from me!) 
But most welcome info, as always:)

> You all should be accustomed to this soon. :)

An incredibly informative post for us, esp in terms of what ppl have 
been receiving! Much for us to discuss:)

>>The next meeting is on 13 th November starting at 6.30 EDST ( does that
>>make sense to you? ) and we will be phone conferencing so that no one
>>misses out.
> Actually - we only have provision to phone conference with two people at
> any one time. 
> In view of this - we are going to have to utilise IRC as well. Remember
> the server is irc.linux.org.au port 6666 and the channel is called
> #computerbank 

I'll be on IRC:)
I am asking SA branch to send asap items they wld like discussed..

>>>Can SA receive the same pack sent to Qld, so we can review and discuss?
> Agh... you probably mean the laptop setup - yes - we can do that -
> however, I wasn't too sure what went on that? 
> I only vaguely hoped it contained the "cookbook" - but am not sure -
> Grant (nevyn) could you please advise?? Or maybe Tony - you could advise
> and provide feedback at the same time??

 From the email Tony J sent out about Qld working bee....

"Computerbank Australia recommends Debian as its operating system of choice
and has sent us a swag of material on installs and training."

Thats what we would like please:)

Cookbook also if possible!!


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