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Re: [Computerbank] standardised installs

On Wed, Oct 31, 2001 at 03:33:01AM +1100, Kylie Davies wrote:
> For those people new to the whole IRC deal: It's easy - find an
> "internet relay chat" program - for linux - there's things like bitchx
> and xchat (computerbank vic people would have this). For Windows users
> there's Mirc and probably others as well. 
If you are using BitchX, please remove the default messages (eg kill,
quit, etc), they are shocking. If you are still looking for a console linux irc
client, consider irssi. 

> All of our systems (atm) go out with a minimum 486 dx4 100 mhz CPU, 32mb
> RAM, and at least a 1G hdd. Standard monitor size is 14/15" with 17"
> being allocated to people with visual difficulties. Many of the systems
> we have distributed have been P133. Community groups get slightly higher
> spec machines (part for servers/networks) - P200, P266. 
good information, thanks

> We distribute a stock standard machine - as per our program - extras
> like things that we don't have enough of - we charge for - modems (25
> for 33.3k) cdrom/sound (30). This is subject to availability. We do
> provide information to recipients about how they can go about buying
> relatively cheap peripherals when we have none - and they usually come
> back to have them installed/configured. 

wish we had started doing this some time ago. We are desparately short
on some peripherals.



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