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Re: [Computerbank] Re: Documentation Meeting

Hello All,

(1) .. I'm available any time next week except Thursday.

(2) .. See below

Kylie Davies wrote:
> Hi again,
> More on this;
> We are folding the cbdoc-train sourceforge list, and we will probably abandon
> the whole sourceforge documentation strategy as it hasn\'t been terribly useful.
> The documentation meeting will also look at setting up (yet again) another
> mailing list for documentation purposes. This should involve people from other
> states as well. :)

I'd like to suggest a small delay in 'pulling the plug' on sourceforge.

After some informal chats with Steve, Kylie, and others last Monday
afternoon, I started to try to work out the best way to set up a
repository for existing docs, and also consider how we all can readily
access either that repository or a mirror of same.

Whatever the problems with sourceforge, it seems to me it has the
following advantages.

 - accessible 24 x 7
 - accessible australia wide
 - already set up, complete with mailing list.

If people are agreeable, I'm happy to review its potential use to us. 
Perhaps I can go through the routine of uploading some of our tech docs
as a test to check out any problems, and report them to the group.

Just trying to avoid re-inventing the wheel :-)

Hope this helps

David H.

David T. Hatton
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