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[Computerbank] Fwd: [ANNOUNCE] LinuxSA October 2002 Meeting

fyi - all in SA welcome to attend, naturally.

hope theres enough caffeine to get me through this!
lol :)


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Subject: [ANNOUNCE] LinuxSA October 2002 Meeting
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 01:13:58 +0930
From: "Geoffrey D. Bennett" <g@netcraft.com.au>
To: linuxsa@linuxsa.org.au
Cc: romana@timelady.com

Hi all,

Time for the LinuxSA October 2002 Meeting...

Here are the usual details:

  When:   7:00pm (doors open 6:45pm) on
          Tuesday, 15th October, 2002
  Where:  2nd Floor
          Compaq Computer
          139 Frome Street
          Adelaide SA
  Cost:   FREE
  Who:    Anyone and everyone.
          No pre-registration necessary.


Romana Challans will be giving a talk on "Computerbank Australia -
Linux in the Community".  The talk will cover:

- Who Computerbank is
- What we do
- Why we are a good thing (tm)
- Why everybody should help out/what do we need
- Technically, what do we supply in terms of hardware (base system
  specs), and software (what distro of Linux, how is it configured
- Demo of our systems


  As per usual, if you are having a problem with your Linux
  installation, feel free to bring your machine.  Make sure to bring
  everything necessary to make your computer work (eg. monitor,
  keyboard, etc).

For more information:

  Email:        organisers@linuxsa.org.au
  Web Page:     http://www.linuxsa.org.au/
  Mailing List: linuxsa@linuxsa.org.au

Geoffrey D. Bennett, RHCE, RHCX               geoffrey@netcraft.com.au
Senior Systems Engineer           http://www.netcraft.com.au/geoffrey/
NetCraft Australia Pty Ltd           http://www.netcraft.com.au/linux/


Romana Challans
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State Convenor
Computerbank Australia Incorporated, SA Branch

'Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.'
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express the opinions of Computerbank Australia Incorporated (CAI) in any way.

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