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[Computerbank] re: positive feedback

On a similar note, I am astonished at the
ease with which I am selling Linux to the
natives while I'm in Tasmania.  The last time
my family saw Linux was when I was running
Deb 2.0 - the modern distro has simply blown
them away.

None on my family are computer literate
beyond reading thier Email, but after seeing
Gnome-Enlightenment-Evolution, they all want
me to install before I leave, replacing
windows XP.

So far - 5 systems replaced.  Beating XP is
rather like shooting fish in a barrel.. 
Maybe I'll even show them KDE soon ;)

Seems the major selling points non geeks want:
     No email viruses
     No crashing
     Massive online software library
     Office suite

I know it's obvious, but I was not prepared
for how much non technical people could covet
linux - simply based on the end-user
experience, and those 5 needs.  Nice to be

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