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[Computerbank] Auditing -any ideas or contacts

HI all,

CAI is currently looking to have our books audited. We have tried to find pro 
bono assistance but without much luck..

This list is our last hope - does anyone have any Auditor type contacts? I 
think the auditor type person has to be a member of the CPA or somesuch. 

We are even prepared to pay some $ for an auditor - we'd really 
appreciate "mates rates".

If you can help or know of someone that might be able to - please contact 
either Penni Diffey (moose@artificial-stupidity.net) or myself ASAP.

I think due to the nature of the task and the locality of the books - the 
auditor person would have to be Melbourne based. 


Kylie Davies
Victorian State Coordinator 
Computerbank Australia Inc
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