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[Computerbank] Show me how days coming to Computerbank Victoria

HI all,

Here ye, here ye...

Successful in Queensland...Show me how days are coming to Melbourne!

Whats a "Show me how day?"

Basically it is where we invite around 5-7 people who are waiting to receive 
systems along to Computerbank for half a day. The people we invite 
are those deemed to have basic to intermediate skills on a computer and 
therefore don't need as much training. 

We also invite as many volunteers as we can muster for the day with the 
prerequisite that they are fairly experienced on the linux desktop (KDE) and 
know how to mount their floppies.  :) 

Throw everyone in the same room, add computers....

Introduce everyone, Computerbank and Linux and ...

<stir if required>

Show me how begins!

Too easy...

The added bonus to the "Show me how day" is that recipients will get to help 
final configure their puters (like setting hostname, adding users and 
installing openoffice if it is required)...and take them home on the same day!

The first of the BIG Show me how days will occur on December 7th - commencing 
at 1pm. It will go til 5pm. 

Another notice will be sent closer to this date - but if you are interested 
in attending - let me know as early as possible. I've got a feeling that this 
is going to be a popular day. :) 

We are running a smaller pilot in our work for the dole program next Friday 
November 8th starting at 2pm. If you are interested in helping out on this 
one - get in contact real quick as I can accommodate only 1 other person.  


Kylie Davies
Victorian Branch Coordinator
Computerbank Australia Inc


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