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CBV premises crisis

Hi folks,

We have just been notified that Horticultural Hall is going to be
unavailable from Octiober 9th; the management is being taken over by an
organisation called The Mint, on orders from Sherryl Garbutt (Minister),
and they are starting extensive restoration in mid-October and putting
the lease out to tender.

A letter of this kind seems to have gone out to all community groups
currently using HH, so we can bet that the new tenant will not be a
community org - it will be a high-paying body!

So, we are urgently in need of new premises. While Bruce McCubbery and I
will be revisiting many old acquaintances in the search, if anyone out
there knows of a place we could possibly use, please shout!

We need:
* secure, lockable storage - about 20 square feet would be lovely, but
  with reasonable shelving we could work with 10.
* somewhere to hold to-do days - needs a decent-sized area (like a Hall,
  but not necessarily as big as HH; boardroom or a little bigger would
  be fine (20' x 20', say). This place would have to have good power and
  light - heating is optional!! (as is kitchen, we can work around
* somewhere to have meetings - seating about 10, usually.

Ideally these should all be in the same place - shifting equipment ahead
of to-do days is a painful process, even when nothing is left behind!

We really need the New Home to be Melbourne CBD or city fringe;
accessible by public transport, with reasonable parking and access for

Any ideas, anyone?

Trish Fraser, Sunbury, Australia
ComputerBank Australia -- http://www.computerbank.org.au/