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Re: CBV premises crisis (opportunity)

At 15:34 7/09/00 +1000, Patricia Fraser wrote:
>We have just been notified that Horticultural Hall is 
>unavailable from Octiober 9th....


This means we can now push for our very own premises without having to
'live' with other organisations.

As Trish said we've both had a chat.

Yes, I've been on the hunt for a large facility we can have 7-24 for Bill
and Computerbank. Why 7-24? We are a group of people with disparate time
requirements. Ideally our time habits should not get in the road of us
donating our time. You can do some refurbishing between 2-4 am on an ad hoc
basis? Great!

Someone goes on the radio or TV and a flood of people want to drop off
stuff over the weekends and at night? No worries!

These are only questions to be settled once we have the building we have
the control over. We might have others use our facility but we will then
have control over when.

To that end, my goal is as BIG a place as we can get ... so we can set up a
permanent arrangement to do our refurbishing, from IN to >>-OUT->

That's my goal.

Our first approach will be to Garbutt to say, "SHIT! Fair crack of the
whip! What about us?"

"OK, we understand this is a pretty smart thing to do with what is after
all the taxpayers' property, a wise use of it to make us all more public
money. But what about all the other buildings you've got? Can we have one
of them? Let's talk."

And there are always other possibilities.


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