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Re: CBV premises crisis

Hi all

Now that the HH is not going to be available it's time to look seriously at
the Flats.

It took a year to organise and provides us with a training room with 8
workstations, accessable after hours and weekends, together with a meeting
room and a hall large enough for installfests.

I made it known throughout the discussions that there would be no cost to us

for rent or power etc.

They have provided free of cost one tel. line for access to the net together
with no cost
ISP from infoXchange. There is also a payphone than can be rung

There is no storage space for computers other than those being worked on.

I'm sure Bruce wil find us a storage place nearby to accept deliveries and
sort the donations.

The quid pro quo is that we provide training to the residents while the
installation of the (now)800 computers proceed.  The department and
infoXchange will be responsible for the installation - I believe it will be
paid for by the department - I have agreed to assist with the provision of
some computers.

We can install a Linux server and either partition or have other servers for

other programs to satisfy all. We can if it suits us have 2 boxes to each

We can have training classes in Linux as previously discussed.in our bus
plan and charge for them

Comments please

regards Bill

ComputerBank Australia -- http://www.computerbank.org.au/