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Re: [Computerbank] bad vibe unfortunately

Thank you John, (Hi all!)

I didn't have Sally's permission to repost on here what she said, hence me
not identifying her by any more than her first name, but I know she and
Computerbank have made commitments to each other over some months. She's
travelling, helping communities, for a few days and away from her computer.

Is there a list for people waiting to receive their computers, perhaps
doubling as one where those who have received theirs can talk to each other
and them? It might help us refine things by talking to them all --
actually, I still believe everyone should be on the one list.

I assume those in charge of the training/recipients list know who Sally is
and could tell us about her case but I also don't think it's a time for
shooting anyone, instead it's a time for more people to be found to help
them do their job.

As you identify, heaps of work is being done in many ways, and it's all
volunteer work.

I'm regretting my original posting on this because of the individuals
involved but hope it helps generate this extra help that is needed, I know
Sally was at one stage interested in setting up a node (or is it 'branch'?)
of Computerbank in East Gippsland and it would be good if that could still

As Don said, she's well known across Australia and it would be good to help
her if we could, this is her working for others -- like we all are.

Regards, Bruce (Ascot Vale)

At 01:06 7/09/01 +1000, John Habermann wrote:
>Just wondering if Sally or anyone who knows the details could explain just 
>why she has given up on computerbank.
>Was she unable to get in touch with anyone? Were commitments made and then 
>not acted upon? Did she get no reponse?
>If we have an idea of just what the problem is we might be able to improve 
>From the melbourne point of view I know things are quite hectic and
>concerns such as training next days, system builds and answering support
>suck up most of the time. 

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