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RE: [Computerbank] bad vibe unfortunately

Greetings folks
Who's this guy "to but in here" you're probably asking .
And maybe your right  but I thought id offer  my 10 cents 
worth just in case
your interested.

I  came in and joined CB  a few months back
I was impressed with the philosophy and the possibilities
that could be achieved by you guys and felt inspired to 
join in the cause
And I  watch with great interest.
 As  CB  develops from a  bright idea in the mind of its 
visionary into an
Invaluable  mechanism for building the "bridge between the 
have's and have not's"

And  all involved  are to be congratulated on the results 
you've been able to achieve.
having said that as you'll no doubt agree theirs  yet a 
long way to go.

While I hesitate to criticise
It took me a good  90mins  on public transport each way to 
attend CB in west Melbourne
which I did  for a few weeks but each time I arrived there 
I found the days planned activities
that had each time been cancelled postponed or delayed or 
altered  to the Point where I felt
my day had been wasted.

Again id stress that I'm in no way intending to  belittle 
the efforts of any one here but
Not to put to finer Point on it :
(The CB  would benefit greatly from a much firmer 
With regard to specific  scheduled events such as induction 
& training sessions. )

I personally felt that  it was assumed that because I was a 
volunteer I had time to just waste
and having spend hours in transit in the hopes that what I 
expected to occur when I arrived might
transpire. Which was more often was not the case.
Under  such circumstances  Enthusiasm quickly  wanes and 
while I understand the benefits of flexibility  within an 
there's a  balance that needs  to be met .

Maybe  firmer  Time scheduling, Regular planned  Events, 
Dedicated  training sessions  for us  "wet behind the ears 
 will help

just a thought
keep up the great work folks .

Ian J bell

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Just wondering if Sally or anyone who knows the details 
could explain just
why she has given up on computerbank.

Was she unable to get in touch with anyone? Were 
commitments made and then
not acted upon? Did she get know reponse?

If we have an idea of just what the problem is we might be 
able to improve

>From the melbourne point of view I know things are quite 
hectic and immediate
concerns such as training next days system builds and 
answering support calls
suck up most of the time.

John Habermann

On Thursday 06 September 2001 04:13 pm, Don Cameron wrote:
> Ahhh,
> Sorry for diving in here, but Sally is a WA Community 
> Practitioner highly regarded throughout Australia for her 
work - Sally
> approached CB on the recommendations of Bruce, myself, 
and others involved
> in Australian rural revitalisation efforts - She is very 
real, very well
> respected both within the community framework and by 
Governments of all
> persuasions, and is a person of the highest character.
> Don Cameron
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> > Do we really want the Sally's of this world
> > And is Sally for real or just a scam merchant pushing 
another project or
> > private interest.
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