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Re: [Computerbank] bad vibe unfortunately

Well I can add some light to this. I'm from N.S.W. ive left my contact details with computerbank NSW and ive asked them to contact me numerous times. They asked me once to come to a meeting which I couldn't. It's not their fault. There just isn't anyone here.

Colin McDermott

John Habermann wrote:
Just wondering if Sally or anyone who knows the details could explain just 
why she has given up on computerbank.

Was she unable to get in touch with anyone? Were commitments made and then
not acted upon? Did she get know reponse?

If we have an idea of just what the problem is we might be able to improve

>From the melbourne point of view I know things are quite hectic and immediate
concerns such as training next days system builds and answering support calls
suck up most of the time.

John Habermann

On Thursday 06 September 2001 04:13 pm, Don Cameron wrote:

Sorry for diving in here, but Sally is a WA Community Development
Practitioner highly regarded throughout Australia for her work - Sally
approached CB on the recommendations of Bruce, myself, and others involved
in Australian rural revitalisation efforts - She is very real, very well
respected both within the community framework and by Governments of all
persuasions, and is a person of the highest character.

Don Cameron

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Do we really want the Sally's of this world
And is Sally for real or just a scam merchant pushing another project or
private interest.
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