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Re: [Computerbank] bad vibe unfortunately

Hi Pen,

Isn't there a register of contacts from people? I'm sorry, I feel
constrained from telling you the details of the person concerned and will
wait for her approval to tell you privately or get her to email you. I know
her and trust her and accept that she had had problems but, as I've said
before, she's not contactable at the moment for us to learn the full story.

About the heavy load on techos ... can't we get more? How do we go about
doing that, wasn't the idea from the beginning that we would be able to
have "lots of" help from the linux users mob? Has that help dried up?

The insight you gave into the hard work being done was good, I think this
list needs to hear more about our output (or through put) -- it's very
encouraging. What was the story about the 30+ computers airfreighted to Dili?

Regards, Bruce (Ascot Vale)

>Ian the problems you described are being dealt with and on Sunday 16th of
>September starting at 10am we are having a tech day which will
>incorporate a run through of hardware testing and install/config for
>anyone interested. 
>At the same time we will have running basic enduser for techs who don't
>run Linux.
>As John pointed out we are swamped there is a core tech group who come in
>5 days a week to build machines for recipients and some weeks that's 16
>or more machines sometimes for people with special needs and sometimes
>there are technical difficulties which mean a machine can take days
>instead of hours. We are constantly working to solve there problems.
>On the other issue I'm not at all aware of who Sally is or who she
>represents so more info would be appreciated.

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