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Re: [Computerbank] bad vibe unfortunately

Hi Terry,

It was nothing like you perceive it, the email was to my list where I have
been promoting the Computerbank story and suggesting bush branches could be
set up, there's a history.

In this case the person concerned was prepared to do everything possible to
establish more than one branch in Gippsland and garner local donations.

It had real promise. Outsiders, in your terminology, are insiders to be often.

Your attitude to 'recipients' does not bode well for NSW, do you need more
volunteers? Recipients could become volunteers but whether or not they do
they deserve our respect.

Any enterprise unprepared to learn how it might be better is not facing
reality square on, I think the Melbourne Branch does that, so I thought
they would welcome this insight.


At 15:27 7/09/01 +1000, Terry Collins wrote:
>What I was commenting on is that someone
>asks CB for something and (apparently) starts whinging around the
>countryside and bad mouths CB because they don't get it given to them
>when they think they should have it.
>If "recipients" can not accept that, then they can go jump in my
>opinion, hence my comment.
>Let us not argue amongst ourselves over someone from outside. There will
>be other people. Spend the time shifting boxen.
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