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Re: [Computerbank] bad vibe unfortunately

Actually Terry, Computerbank is my mutual obligation activity so you could 
say I get paid to do it. I would be quite interested to get feedback from 
recipients including negative feedback. Some criticisms might be hard to 
address but others might be things that have just been overlooked and could 
be addressed quite easily. 

John Habermann


On Friday 07 September 2001 03:27 pm, Terry Collins wrote:
> Terry Collins wrote:
> > Do we really want the Sally's of this world
> > And is Sally for real or just a scam merchant pushing another project or
> > private interest.
> Guys and Gals - can we drop all this.
> I don't care whether they are called, Tom, Dick , Harry, Mary, Sue or
> Sally or who the person is. What I was commenting on is that someone
> asks CB for something and (apparently) starts whinging around the
> countryside and bad mouths CB because they don't get it given to them
> when they think they should have it.
> We are all volunteers, bottom line. Our time is very valuable, rare and
> precious.
> But before we are CB volunteers, we all have self, family, house, work,
> etc, etc to look after before we have time for CB.
> So that means CB work will sometimes flood and other times trickle.
> If "recipients" can not accept that, then they can go jump in my
> opinion, hence my comment.
> Let us not argue amongst ourselves over someone from outside. There will
> be other people. Spend the time shifting boxen.
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