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Re: [Computerbank] bad vibe unfortunately

Hi Terry,

In all fairness, I think Sally's reasons for choosing to abandon CB at this
time may have been somewhat lost in the translation. She is neither a
"whinger" nor someone who would badmouth anybody - and on her behalf I must
take offence to these claims - however like most of us, she is also a person
who makes plans and offers promises to the communities she works with
(usually as a volunteer herself), based on the promises and commitments made
to her.

(I'm not suggesting that CB ever made any such promises, however through my
own experiences of three lost faxes :) sent to CB in Victoria I possibly
have some empathy with her position - though I will also happily state that
this has now been resolved).

We all appreciate the demands on volunteers, particularly those of us who
are ourselves volunteer workers in other areas. Maybe it's because we are
volunteers that we expect other volunteer groups to acknowledge that being a
"volunteer" does not abrogate responsibility - people have just as much
right to expect a commitment from a volunteer group to be fulfilled as they
do from any other entity - However again acknowledging the realities and
constraints on volunteers, the key to a volunteer group maintaining
successful customer relations is to always communicate these realities so
people are not disillusioned when promised deadlines come and go.

It seems to me that this really relates to nothing more than a few "growing
pains" in the CB organisation. If it's any consolation, most new volunteer
groups go through a similar phase until a degree of equilibrium is reached
between the realities of volunteerism, and the equally important realities
of customer support and maintaining a professional image. I'm sure this will
improve over time.

For my part, I was formerly responsible for the administration of 17,000
volunteers in NSW, and if I can offer any insights into volunteerism or
volunteer management processes, then I am more than happy to do so. Once
again I would also offer to help in an administrative capacity if there is
anything I can do - Because I do believe in the value of the work you are
all doing!

Rgds, Don Cameron

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