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Re: [Computerbank] bad vibe unfortunately

ONCE in WA, now in East Gippsland, Kylie!  :-)

West Footsie now? Gee you get around..

I don't know the details to tell you and it's not properly me who should
tell you, Don is in touch with her but she's not computer contactable right
now. Sally did change back to her maiden name during the period this has
been happening but how many people from East Gippsland are you in touch with?
Bruce (still in Ascot Vale)

At 14:32 7/09/01 +1000, Kylie Davies wrote:

>I\'m really confused, Don says Sally is from WA, while Bruce says she is from
>East Gippsland...come on guys - where is Sally from and who did she try to
>contact with respect to getting systems from us?

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