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[Computerbank] Re: [cbnsw-tech] Salon.com Technology | Building the underground computer railroad

On Mon, 23 Sep 2002 01:09 pm, Matthew Palmer shared:

> No need to get *quite* so excited - they're recycling PCs.  Just like us.
> And like probably more than a hundred other groups around the world.
> They're doing good work, and it's something that we can do here in
> Australia.
> I don't quite see how we can seize publicity from this - how many
> newspapers are going to do a story on ComputerBank on the basis of a "we do
> the same as them" press release?
> Making contact with the group(s) featured in the article shouldn't be quite
> that difficult.  Feel free to do so, if you need someone's approval.

gee, thanks for the permission and approval. i feel so much more affirmed now. 

i will keep my enthusiasm ( sorry - 'excitement') to myself - after all, what 
does publicity accomplish? links on a website - piffle, they never work.

and as for approval - actually, we try to coordiate publicity in CAI - so we 
dont get lots of halfcocked stories that result in long term difficulties. 
bit daft i know;)

do have a nice day,
Romana Challans
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