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[Computerbank] Re: [cbnsw-tech] Salon.com Technology | Building the undergroundcomputer railroad

On Mon, 23 Sep 2002, Romana Challans wrote:

> i will keep my enthusiasm ( sorry - 'excitement') to myself - after all,
> what does publicity accomplish? links on a website - piffle, they never
> work.

I'm against publicity - otherwise, why would I be putting my name publically
on a mailing list? - I just don't see why it needed to go to all those
mailing lists (especially a list for discussion of technical issues - which
publicity, I hope you'll agree, is not).

> and as for approval - actually, we try to coordiate publicity in CAI - so we 
> dont get lots of halfcocked stories that result in long term difficulties. 

So you make someone responsible for it and let them run with it.  Committees
result in nothing getting done - because everybody thinks it's a great idea
but nobody thinks it's their responsibility.  If there's nobody with clear
responsibility for the matter - JFDI.

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