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Re: [crimson-list] Improve AI behavior : transport

Hi guys, my main issues with the AI are :-

1) Not enough focus on manoeuvring to capture 'buildings' = it's usually a lot easier to win by capturing the enemy HQ than it is to eliminate every enemy unit - also, the first side to capture 'neutral'
buildings (especially when stuffed with units) will typically win ...

2) If you see the AI approaching a building with Infantry, and you have an
infantry unit close by, you can 'hold back' and let the AI rush in and capture the
building first. On your turn, you send in your own unit and capture both the building
and the AI's infantry !

The AI needs to 'support' it's Infantry better, eg by placing 'blocking' units around the building to
stop you moving in on your next turn

[personally I believe units should fight inside the buildings to oppose enemy trying to capture it,
however that's another story]

3) Finally, there is also a 'bug' of some sort that results in the AI 'locking up' when it's
forces start the game loaded into sea transports ('landing craft') 'off shore'
[the map was quite large - 61x29 with AI having about 200 units (enemy about 150)
 - most enemy units were 'hiding' in 'bunkers' or positioned on cliffs etc.,
 however there were a few obvious 'targets' on the beach.
In this map, the AI played second and never moved anything

Cheers Steve

On 15/04/2014 17:26, Jens Granseuer wrote:
On So, 2014-04-13 at 17:35 +0200, SÃbastien Dailly wrote:
A new patch for crimson !

AI sucks with transport ! It currently only use transport when no other
way to reach the target is available ; with this patch, the AI check if
a transport allow to reach the target quicker. The unit stay in the
transport as long it give an advantage instead of moving to the target
by its own.
Nice! The reason why the AI is currently using transports a little more
conservatively is simply that they pose a high risk. Most transports
are lightly armed (if at all) and thus can easily become deadly traps
for the units inside. Ideally, an AI would need to consider both the
time to reach its target and enemy presence when deciding whether to
use a transport or not.