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Re: [crimson-list] Improve AI behavior : transport

Le 2014-04-15 18:26, Jens Granseuer a ÃcritÂ:

Nice! The reason why the AI is currently using transports a little more
conservatively is simply that they pose a high risk. Most transports
are lightly armed (if at all) and thus can easily become deadly traps
for the units inside. Ideally, an AI would need to consider both the
time to reach its target and enemy presence when deciding whether to
use a transport or not.

I've solved this problem by leaving (or not using) the transport if we are at less than 2 turns of the target.

We could check for each player unit if one of them could hit the transport, but I think that this is a more general problem for AI movement (and the AI is already looping over the player unit too muchâ).

As said in a previous mail, I would solve this with a dangerousity map which could be computed only once in a turn. But this is not a simple patch to doâ