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Re: network game ?

On 25.08.2006 03:46, Laurent Chea wrote:
> I've parsed the webcvs and didn't find anything related to network game.

You didn't look hard enough. It's in TODO...
Network play has come up again and again over time, but nobody has
created any code yet (several people started, but were never heard of
again), mostly because I don't feel proficient enough and nobody else
has come forward. But we'd like to have network support, so any
volunteers are welcome.

> At the same moment, I read the different function headers to see how the 
> game does generally run.
> If I've understood correctly, introducing a network game would simply 
> consist in sending the recorded History object through the network to 
> the opponent.

Yes, basically, that should work.

> Of course, there are some UI changes to perform, like opening a dialog 
> box that asks an IP, and why not introducing some simple chat stuffs, 
> and of course there's a lot of little things implied by this network 
> feature, but it's about 4 AM now :)

There are other interesting questions like what does player A do while
B is taking his turn, but a first cut could simply block the UI so
that network play would look very much like playing against the computer
(though this computer will probably take a little longer).