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Re: crimson gfx : little touch #2

On 25.08.2006 08:14, Andrej Krivulčík wrote:
> On Fri, 25 Aug 2006 02:52:59 +0200, Laurent Chea <contact@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  
> wrote:
> > Little simulation with an update of the mission "Arms race"
> >
> > old : http://eva.krystale.net/~mrpingouin/render/shot_arms_race0.png
> > new : http://eva.krystale.net/~mrpingouin/render/shot_arms_race.png
> That's "a little bit" better :-). Good work, but the 1-tile mountain looks  
> like it is depression, not a hill, maybe the second tile could look like a  
> higher hill...

I concur. Additionally, though, the multi-tile mountains are much to close
to the Battle Isle originals for my comfort. I just remembered that
Matthias posted one of his attempts a while ago, to be found here:
This is probably a better model to start off of. The problem with this is
the grass around the base. It works well when used as a stand-alone
mountain, but fails as part of a mountain range.