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Re: network game ?

On 27.08.2006 11:56, Henk Jonas wrote:
> On a peer-to-peer base I don't care about cheating. And peer-to-peer is 
> what I would have in mind when talking about multiplayer. The 
> peer-to-peer mode must be compatible between different ports, let's say 
> every thing in the packet struct is in little endian. I assume the game 
> states too, on a little endian machine? For big endian machine, they 
> might need to adjust the endian.

The saved games are already "endianness-clean", so if you really just
ship the saved games back and forth (instead of individual "historic"
events like Laurent proposed), there should be no problem at all.

> I guess server-based MP with more than 2 players is something really 
> different and if it will work on round-based games, I have no clue.

Even in peer-to-peer mode I'd expect one of them to act as a server,
so this model might even work with more than 2 players. But maybe I'm
just imagining things.

> I might try to add something as I described to the Palm OS port, but it 
> will surely not go conform with the very object oriented approach of the 
> original. It means it wouldn't be a good candidate for original code 
> base. But I could write something like a proof of concept and someone 
> else would need to fit it into the class model...

Anything's better than nothing. I'm leaving for a vacation in a few hours,
and I'm already looking forward to coming back. Something must be wrong in
my mind. ;-)