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Re: Nikola's map

On 12.12.2006 09:55, Nikola Smolenski wrote:
> On Sunday 10 December 2006 18:35, Jens Granseuer wrote:
> > I'm sure they can still win, but it's indeed a lot easier. I liked the
> > previous version better, though. This one's too much long-range combat
> > for my taste, but that may be just me.
> What do you mean by long-range combat?

Anything beyond hex-to-hex, so, in this case, scouts and artillery.

> > The main problem with this plot and the campaign is that the campaign
> > description (in the wiki, at least) mentions that it takes place in an
> > almost desert-like region. Not much water, no coast to speak of.
> >
> > However, we could get away with making this one of the few bigger rivers
> > running through the province, and the EoK trying to make it usable for
> > shipping their reinforcements, or something.
> I wouldn't like to change the map that much, I become quite fond of it :) How 
> about a channel between two large lakes? On Earth, Lake Chad, for example, 
> 1,540 kmÂ, doesn't seem to affect surrounding desert much. Rest of the story 
> could be pretty much the same. (While there are no large lake fleets, there 
> still could be danger of, say, trade fleet used as troop transports.)

Well, you wouldn't have to change the map much. I think it would qualify as
a big river the way it is now. However, a lake would do the trick just as
well. Probably a little better, even.

> > * reduce the size of the eastern body of water a bit
> I already did that, with the introduction of "trench" hovercraft can't get 
> over, but it isn't enough.


> > * move the HQ closer to the water and use ships instead of choppers
> > * disallow building hovercraft (heh)
> I believe that hovercrafts would be the key for breaking a stalemate in a 
> human vs human game, so that's why i think they should be kept.

Fair enough. <meany>Then deal with it!</meany> ;-)

> And now, for something completely different.
> I translated basic strings to Serbian, however the game had problems with 
> Cyrillic. So, here is the translation and a patch which solves the problems 
> (to see the problems, just see the translation without the patch).

You should remove the revision marker from your translation and rather add
a noting saying which reveision of the base (ie. 'en') file you used to
create it.

> Description of the patch: I introduced new variable in class Widget called 
> 'keypos' which contains the position of the highlighted key. As additional 
> advantage, it will highlight exactly that key, so, for example, (mad up) 
> strings:
> will be displayed correctly.

Please use diff -u (and -p if your version supports it) when creating diffs