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Re: Nikola's map (was: Clipped Wings)

On Thursday 07 December 2006 22:17, Jens Granseuer wrote:
> On 06.12.2006 06:15, Nikola Smolenski wrote:
> > Here it is, alpha version. I suck at giving names, so feel free to give
> > the level and bases any names you want.
> Since it's still alpha (and I need to get a release done), just a few
> quick comments.
> * Phew. It's tough. I've played three times now, and lost all of them 8-)
>   I like the challenge, but I suspect we'll have to lower the difficulty
>   a little for the normal setting. Don't bother until other people have
>   told you to, though ;-)

Now? I wonder if blue can win at all.

> * You're using trenches as roads. That's not quite what they were
>   intended for. ;-)

And I was wondering why are vehicles going slower on roads than off them! :) 

> * I guess we need to tweak the story a little so it fits the campaign plot

I believe this map could fit any plot. There is this great peninsula on the 
north, and ships have to go around it, which takes them a lot of time. There 
are two large coastal towns off map, one on the south and one on the east. If 
the channel is completed, and I now made it almost completed, fleet anchored 
in one town could move fast to the other, so, even if an army approaching 
from the southeast attacks the city without the fleet, the fleet could move 
there during the attack, preventing the capture. However, if there is no 
channel the fleet can't move fast enough and the city could be easily 
captured (or the fleet would have to be split, reducing its effectivity).

> * If this is the introductory map for factories, I wonder if maybe we
>   should reduce the list of producable units a little in order not to
>   overwhelm the player

Removed all air and related units. I'm still not sure what to do with 
hovercrafts - perhaps creating a few helicopters ("reinforcement arrived") 
when a hovercraft approaches the base.

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