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Re: Unicode keystrokes

> > Please use diff -u (and -p if your version supports it) when creating
> > diffs.
> OK, though I believe I used it?

Um, no.

> > That said, I worked on Unicode support for key strokes a while back (and
> > I even have a patch), but I took a different road because e.g. many
> > (well, all, rather) German umlauts are actually available on my keyboard,
> > so I don't need to use a for ä, for example, and the same is probably
> > true of other languages as well. We'll need to see how that fits together.
> [...]
> And, I don't think that CF supports German umlauts either. I tried by typing 
> in a file name on save game dialog and it seems that it accepts nothing but 
> pure ASCII.

Yes, I was only talking about using umlauts as keyboard shortcuts
here. And that doesn't work, either, currently, because I made the
patch but never actually applied it (I don't exactly remember
why - it's dated March 2004; probably had issues somewhere).
Accepting non-ASCII input is a completely different matter.

> > Also, are you sure that only Chinese uses more than 2 bytes for
> > representing a character? Otherwise we may need a proper UTF-8 decoder.
> Well, no, Chinese is only typical example. Devanagari already uses 3 bytes, 
> and so do various East Asian scripts, Chinese, Japanese, Korean... I haven't 
> seen much translations into languages which use these scripts so I believe 
> it's not a priority.

Maybe you haven't seen many translations for those languages
because apps don't properly support them? But yes, you're
right that they are not a 'priority' at this time, but if we
could add support for cheap that'd be a nice bonus.

Unfortunately, the archive you attached seems to be corrupted.
I cannot open it.