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Re: Unicode keystrokes

On 14.12.2006 10:01, Nikola Smolenski wrote:
> On Wednesday 13 December 2006 19:10, Jens Granseuer wrote:
> > > Well, no, Chinese is only typical example. Devanagari already uses 3
> > > bytes, and so do various East Asian scripts, Chinese, Japanese, Korean...
> > > I haven't seen much translations into languages which use these scripts
> > > so I believe it's not a priority.
> >
> > Maybe you haven't seen many translations for those languages
> > because apps don't properly support them? But yes, you're
> > right that they are not a 'priority' at this time, but if we
> > could add support for cheap that'd be a nice bonus.
> Well, even now they can be displayed, if their characters are in the font; but 
> the translation can't have highlighted keys because of this and because they 
> are not in asciiequivalent (I renamed it to lowercase because other functions 
> in StringUtil are named so) anyway. I do wolunteer to expand both functions 
> if someone needs it :)

Ok, then.

I made a few very minor changes (some formatting and renamed that function
again) and fed the patch to CVS.