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Network game

All (mostly Jens),

With the 0.5.0 release I could finally get someone in armaland to play a game.  
Playing it right now, but there's a couple things I want right away.  :)

* in-game chat
* I'd like to be able to study the map while I'm waiting for him to take his 
* Turn timeout, configurable.  Like freeciv, where 0 = infinite, and then 
number of seconds for any non-0 value.

Then, right after that (heh), I'd like a server that takes as commandline 
arguments the scenario to play, number of players and which side they're 
taking, with ai filling in the gaps, and the port to start on.

Then I'd like to hammer out a protocol where the game client can contact a 
different server program (which I'm willing to write), browse available 
scenarios, mark which one he wants to play, and either choose an opponent or 
have one picked from people that are there.  Along with chat.  :)