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RE: Network game

> * in-game chat
I say yes.

> * I'd like to be able to study the map while I'm waiting for him to take his
> turn
I say oh yes, more.

> * Turn timeout, configurable.  Like freeciv, where 0 = infinite, and then
> number of seconds for any non-0 value.
I say, err, maybe :)

> Then, right after that (heh), I'd like a server that takes as commandline
> arguments the scenario to play, number of players and which side they're
> taking, with ai filling in the gaps, and the port to start on.
Yes again

> Then I'd like to hammer out a protocol where the game client can contact a
> different server program (which I'm willing to write), browse available
> scenarios, mark which one he wants to play, and either choose an opponent or
> have one picked from people that are there.  Along with chat.  :)
Yes too :)

There are mine :

* when re-creating a new game as network client, to remember the last entries (not to have to retype it)
* when losing connection, to have the ability to re-join the game at the state just-before-crash ?
* Full EAX2 with 7.1 support, pop-corn support.