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Re: Nikola's map

Nikola Smolenski wrote:

On Tuesday 19 December 2006 14:48, Jens Granseuer wrote:
IMHO, you could even get away without changing the map *at all*. [...]

Well, at the end I made something inbetween. Hope you like it...

Nice. But there's still a few things not quite right.

The biggest problem with the new briefing is that after reading it,
you have no idea what you're supposed to do to win this map. I mean,
yes, you need to destroy the bridge, but how do you do that?

Then, due to the updates Dave and I made to the campaign plot,
the sentence "Therefore we have sent the western division north
from Mhran." should be changed to something like "Therefore we
have sent a division to Lake Yukarwa, west of our main route
across the plains."

Also, if I may suggest another name change, how about "The
Shores of Lake Yukarwa"? Doesn't that sound a lot more...

And lastly, assuming that destroying the bridge works something
like what I described in the power plant briefing, if the map
is won by destroying the dam, I think you need some events
showing how the area below the dam is flooded...

Oh, and really lastly, I'd like to hear about the difficulty
from a few other people. What do you think? Too hard, too easy,
just right?

Fixed. No, I just moved the HQ further inland. When I tested, it turned
out to be impossible to capture it.

Erm, well, then I pulled off the impossible. ;-)

How? The only way I see it could be done is by withdrawing troops so that the empire can't react when infantry is unloaded... however that is realistic, and IMO it should be possible to finish the level that way.

Basically, yes; just wait until the Empire has moved most of its
troops down before sending out the Hovercraft. If you think that's
fine, that's fine. ;-)

You may add forests on the right bank to prevent it ultimately.

That won't be enough.

Sure, no problem. (Did I already mention that "fixed, good-looking,
rolling hills" are on top of my tiles wishlist now that the mountains
have gotten their long-overdue makeover?)

Don't look at me, I couldn't tell gimp from paintbrush.

I wasn't looking at you. I was looking at... certain other people ;-)