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Re: Nikola's map

On 19.12.2006 10:35, Nikola Smolenski wrote:
> On Friday 15 December 2006 12:50, Jens Granseuer wrote:
> > You'll have to make very minor changes to the map to create a
> > believable dam that can be destroyed, but IMO it fits the campaign
> > plot much better at this point.
> Well, this is much more verbose, but I'm afraid that i'll need to change the 
> map too much.

Hm, I don't think so.

> First, I'd need to complete the channel and remove the road 
> which goes around the bridge, and then the Empire would have only one access 
> route (over the bridge), making the map too easy. Second, I don't see how I 
> could make a believeable dam. I tried using shop parts but they're all 
> oriented in the way which makes it neccessary for the river to run 
> north-south, which is even bigger change.

IMHO, you could even get away without changing the map *at all*. See,
we don't have any special tiles for dams, and it might not be your ideal
dam, but what's ideal in this world anyway (especially if architects are
involved, heh)? You have a lake (on the right would work better with the
geographical updates Dave and I made, but you don't even have to tell
the player...), then a dam (with lots of holes in it for turbines and
stuff, but they are underground so you don't see them), and then sort of
a small catch basin and connected river to the left. Voilà! There's your
dam. All natural and without having to twist the map around.

> I realise that it is a bit unrealistic that an army is in need of having a 
> channel built really quickly, but I can easily make it even closer to being 
> finished and add some dramatisation ("...forcing large numbers of our people 
> to work as slave labor, of whom many are dying of exhaustion...").

We don't want to make this into a fight between good and evil, so that'd
be a little cheap.

> I'd also like to keep the surprise element in the briefing ("it appears that 
> enemy forces are somewhat stronger than we expected...").

Sure, you could add this to the dam scenario just as well.

> > * The Score event for the FNA taking the Empire's HQ is broken
> >   (have you decided to switch depot and HQ, btw? I think you
> >   should)
> Fixed. No, I just moved the HQ further inland. When I tested, it turned out to 
> be impossible to capture it.

Erm, well, then I pulled off the impossible. ;-)

> > * "Lula base" is a really bad name here; Lula is somewhere else,
> >   currently controlled by Kand, and featured in the next mission;
> >   I'd suggest just using "Rebel HQ" just like in most other
> >   missions
> As with depot, I wanted to say that it's a base on lake Lula. I'll change it 
> to Rebel HQ.

Yeah, well, if you look at our refurbished map in the wiki, Lake Lula
is not such a fitting name either here. ;-)

> > * a few of your tiles are wrong
> >   * you use a part of the 4-tile hill standalone in several places
> >     which looks odd
> I can't discern the parts enough, so someone else will have to fix this :(

Sure, no problem. (Did I already mention that "fixed, good-looking,
rolling hills" are on top of my tiles wishlist now that the mountains
have gotten their long-overdue makeover?)

> >   * the first segment the wharf at "Yukarwa industries" is part of
> >     a warehouse of which you just included the NE edge...
> I like the look of it more than the look of one which should be used :) but I 
> can change it if it's neccessary.

Please do.