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Re: Nikola's map

On 15.12.2006 10:22, Nikola Smolenski wrote:
> This is the briefing now:
> The empire is constructing a channel which will connect Lake Yukarwa with Lake 
> Lulu. If finished, it would enable quick transport of troops between the 
> lakes, endangering our operations.
> You are chosen to lead a small force which will take control of the area and 
> stop construction of the channel.
> However, it appears that enemy forces are somewhat stronger than we 
> expected... Good luck!

How about something like this instead:

"Since the Kandelians have not been able to stop us on the Sarot Plains,
our main body is now marching towards Lula, an industrial center where
many of the crystals from the famous Mines of Yalwa are processed.

Lula is going to be our first rallying point since we began our mission
in Rhintura. We need to refuel, replenish our supplies and recruit more
volunteers for our cause to replace our casualties.

Of course, the Empire knows where we are headed, and they are already
reinforcing their army in Lula. Therefore we have sent the western
division north from Mhran. A lot of the troops the Kandelians are
sending in from the west need to cross the bridge across the dam at
Lake Yukarwa there. If we can manage to destroy the dam, that should
delay reinforcements to Lula long enough that we can take the city
before they arrive.

The bridge is heavily guarded, and the easiest way to destroy it is
via the hydroelectric power plant that is sitting north of the lake.
We can close all the floodgates from there, and the dam structure
will not be sturdy enough to withstand the water pressure and burst.

Good luck! For a free Nexus!"

You'll have to make very minor changes to the map to create a
believable dam that can be destroyed, but IMO it fits the campaign
plot much better at this point.

> (Almost) final map is attached. I introduced handicaps, and the only thing I 
> don't have is map name.

"Lake Yukarwa", "The Yukarwa Dam", "Open Wide The Floodgates"...

There are a few more issues:

* The "Eastern depot" is really western (I think it would suffice
  to call it "Depot" since there aren't any others anyway)

* The Score event for the FNA taking the Empire's HQ is broken
  (have you decided to switch depot and HQ, btw? I think you

* "Lula base" is a really bad name here; Lula is somewhere else,
  currently controlled by Kand, and featured in the next mission;
  I'd suggest just using "Rebel HQ" just like in most other

* a few of your tiles are wrong
  * you use a part of the 4-tile hill standalone in several places
    which looks odd
  * the first segment the wharf at "Yukarwa industries" is part of
    a warehouse of which you just included the NE edge...

Haven't checked the handicaps, yet. I'd be interested to hear what
others think of the difficulty.