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Re: Clipped Wings

On 17.12.2006 00:34, Dave Fancella wrote:
> Arrr.  I'm way behind.  :)


> Ok, took the factory and it was...different.  I 
> got overwhelmed from down below somehow instead, not sure what I did 
> differently down there that allowed that to happen, though.  At least I 
> knocked out all his aircraft.  Lost by one turn.  He got one more infantry 
> through, and I knocked it down to 2 hit points, and I had an infantry outside 
> his base.
> Looks fine.  :)


> So, story...  since I dug up the post with the story for the campaign in it, 
> now I'm confused where this fits in.  Which map is it supposed to be in the 
> yalwa campaign?

It's number 3 (you can always find that info in the Level Information dialog,
btw). It's the small arm trying to keep the Kandelians off the main body's
asses after the FNA have taken the granaries nw of Rhintura, and before the
main body actually embarks towards Lula.