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Re: Nikola's map

On Tuesday 19 December 2006 14:48, Jens Granseuer wrote:
> On 19.12.2006 10:35, Nikola Smolenski wrote:
> > First, I'd need to complete the channel and remove the road
> > which goes around the bridge, and then the Empire would have only one
> > access route (over the bridge), making the map too easy. Second, I don't
> > see how I could make a believeable dam. I tried using shop parts but
> > they're all oriented in the way which makes it neccessary for the river
> > to run north-south, which is even bigger change.
> IMHO, you could even get away without changing the map *at all*. See,
> we don't have any special tiles for dams, and it might not be your ideal
> dam, but what's ideal in this world anyway (especially if architects are
> involved, heh)? You have a lake (on the right would work better with the
> geographical updates Dave and I made, but you don't even have to tell
> the player...), then a dam (with lots of holes in it for turbines and
> stuff, but they are underground so you don't see them), and then sort of
> a small catch basin and connected river to the left. Voilà! There's your
> dam. All natural and without having to twist the map around.

Well, at the end I made something inbetween. Hope you like it...

> > > * The Score event for the FNA taking the Empire's HQ is broken
> > >   (have you decided to switch depot and HQ, btw? I think you
> > >   should)
> >
> > Fixed. No, I just moved the HQ further inland. When I tested, it turned
> > out to be impossible to capture it.
> Erm, well, then I pulled off the impossible. ;-)

How? The only way I see it could be done is by withdrawing troops so that the 
empire can't react when infantry is unloaded... however that is realistic, 
and IMO it should be possible to finish the level that way.

You may add forests on the right bank to prevent it ultimately.

> > > * a few of your tiles are wrong
> > >   * you use a part of the 4-tile hill standalone in several places
> > >     which looks odd
> >
> > I can't discern the parts enough, so someone else will have to fix this
> > :(
> Sure, no problem. (Did I already mention that "fixed, good-looking,
> rolling hills" are on top of my tiles wishlist now that the mountains
> have gotten their long-overdue makeover?)

Don't look at me, I couldn't tell gimp from paintbrush.

> > >   * the first segment the wharf at "Yukarwa industries" is part of
> > >     a warehouse of which you just included the NE edge...
> >
> > I like the look of it more than the look of one which should be used :)
> > but I can change it if it's neccessary.
> Please do.

Fixed the wharf and names, and added roads to account for the new briefing.

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