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Re: Play By Mail

It is likely possible, although I am not confident that it can be done in
less than 200K.  The issue is who will do the work.  You have expressed an
interest, but I assume that you are not up to the programming task.  Let me
suggest that you specify how this would work.  That is describe (in detail)
the flow of this features.  What screens are necessary, what the user will
see and choose at each step, etc.  With a complete spec you may get more
people interested then with a raw idea.

Pat O

On Mon, 30 Nov 2009 21:33:09 +0300, Константинов Юра
<Yuraconst@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Play_by_mail? Someone MEGA-patient, probably (not me). I'm still waiting
> for a DLL or any other form of mini browser or IRC client to be
> implemented, allowing to use IRC chat for easy IP finding (and, possibly,
> way to track created games and join them without typing IP's - just by
> double-clicking). Erm, is it possible to make an IRC client in a form of
> small (less than 200 kilobytes) cross-platform library with "join game"
> command (join the server on that user's IP)?