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Re: 0.4.0 Testing

On 06.02.2004 01:57, Chang wrote:
> Ah... I made it again.
> I have changed the window size many times,
> first 576 x 384, then 1024 x 768,
> by doing so the 800 x 600 seems to be disappeared.
> I have no idea what is the cause of this.
> > The issue might be that your X setup doesn't offer 800x600 as a
> > fullscreen mode which would explain why it doesn't appear in the
> > list. If, however, you start in 800x600 windowed, the mode will
> > be shown nevertheless until you switch to a different mode.
> Yes, the game started in 800 x 600 mode,
> and then I switch it bigger and smaller,
> 576 x 384 and 1024 x 768, then I noticed that
> option 800 x 600 is gone, when the window size is
> 576 x 384.

Then try to start with a different resolution, e.g.
crimson --width 640 --height 480
and open the video modes window. If 800x600 is not in the list
it's indeed the issue I described above. CF generally ignores
non-fullscreen modes with the possible exception of the mode
you are already in. If anyone has a better idea how to handle
screen modes, I'm open for suggestions. For now, this is not
a bug but a feature ;-)