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On 09.02.2004 05:50, Dave Fancella wrote:
> Um,
> I compiled cf 0.3.8 on my Linux box, and I'm not finding a CoMET executable 
> anywhere.  I'm wanting to create more missions, now that I've played out most 
> of them (although I haven't won all of them yet).  Is CoMET the right tool 
> for it right now?

Try ./configure --enable-comet --enable-cfed

You still need cfed for a few things like writing the story.
I'd also recommend to use latest 0.4.0 prerelease plus the last
patch I sent to the list. This increases test coverage (which is
good for me) and prevents you from having to convert the mission
afterwards (which is good for you). I'm not aware of any bugs
ATM so it should be quite safe.